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We specialize in and aim to educate the public in caring for those labeled "less desirable." Special needs and critical case animals whom are broken to the world, but not to us, hold a very special place in our heart.

Whether it be neonatal animals, special needs, or trauma/abuse cases, we are here to help and offer these special souls everything they have always deserved. 

Saving lives starts with you! Yes, you are a huge part of rescue and we need your support to do what we do! Visit our 'Volunteer' or 'Donate" pages, or simply share our social media online, to help us continue this necessary work. Rescue takes a village!

Dog of the Month


Kevin came into our care when we had found her on the side of the highway, dodging cars, in central California on our way to Yosemite. She the joined us on our trip and got to see all of Yosemite, the Sequoias, and Malibu beaches! No home came to claim her, so now she waits for her special someone to find her & complete her happily ever after.

Cat of the Month


Lord Theodore Willis III is celebrating one year since his arrival to Rafiki's Rescue and we couldn't be more blessed to know this sweet, special soul! One year ago, he was found abandoned with deformities in his spine and all four limbs. He also had an enlarged heart. Despite the odds, he turned his challenges into successes and is one of the happiest kitties we know!

Current Cases in Need!



Brahma traveled all the way overseas from Kuwait for his new life here, but sadly whilst he was awaiting his forever home, he was rushed one night to the ER where he had a major seizure that took his vision. He was diagnosed with neurological FIP which requires an expensive 84 day treatment to save his life.


Blolssom & Friends

Blossom has a neurological condition that is waiting for proper diagnostics and veterinary care here in the US. She is currently waiting to make the journey over from Kuwait along with many of her friends who's only chance for a happy ending is a way out. We are currently raising the funds for their journey over.

Adoptable Animals

***Stay Tuned!***

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