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About Us

Founded in 2020, Rafiki's Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit animal rescue in Orange County, CA that works to rehabilitate, foster, and place animals into loving forever homes. They aim to offer education as well as assistance in special needs cases. They care for the most broken, vulnerable, overlooked, yet deserving animals of all kinds and species.


Megan Mannarelli-Martin

Megan got her start in rescue back in 2015, but her love for animals and the less desirable creatures began far earlier. As a child, Megan would save her chore and birthday money to donate to animal conservation efforts and sanctuaries of all sorts. Megan’s love for animals goes beyond any particular species, disability, or congenital deformity. In fact, it is the ones who are most overlooked that Megan holds dearest to her heart.


Megan began working as a veterinary technician in 2016 and additionally began work with exotic species, specializing in avian care. Megan developed a love for animal husbandry and critical care of species that often lack proper veterinary care and resources, such as avians and reptiles. Though the love for these topics remained, eventually she she left this career in order to pursue special needs rescue efforts. All these combined led to the development of Rafiki’s Rescue… a rescue dedicated to all species in need, specifically the most vulnerable or less desirable


Jennifer Kanowsky

Jennifer began her love for rescue in 2013 through volunteering for a nonprofit organization, Zoey’s Place Rescue, where she truly built up a beautiful name for herself in the animal rescue community. Jennifer specializes in neonatal kittens and provides the most exceptional, attentive care for these fragile beings. She devotes endless sleepless nights to the well being of these newborn kittens and has saved countless lives with her round the clock care. Jennifer not only has a heart for animals, but for every human involved in their care as well. It is evident to everyone who meets Jennifer that her love for each person she encounters is truly something special. Seeing her in action caring for neonates is even more so. 


Jennifer is an exceptional event coordinator and is responsible for many of our events and  adoptions. She excels in rescue outreach and welfare education because the love for what she does is so clearly evident in every word she speaks. Jennifer’s heart and soul is truly in animal welfare and teaching those who will listen how to better serve the overlooked animal community. 

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