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Here you can find a plethora of different important information on animal care, disease prevention, and important tips! Most of this information is included in our adoption packets and here is where you can find that same information & more! We are big believers in incorporating both traditional medicine with homeopathy & holistic care. So while we do not believe in forgoing traditional medicine, you can view our different subpages to view some our tried and trued alternative remedies and approaches as well!

Click on the tabs to see information for which animal you are inquiring about. If not listed here, you are welcome to reach out to us for advice. We are always willing to lend a hand where we can, even if you've never adopted from us! Hopefully you find this section helpful and can benefit from this information.

***Please note: This information is compiled from our own personal experiences and veterinary advice. We do not claim to be a substitute for receiving professional veterinary care.

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