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Rafiki's Rescue has been years in the making and all started with one special soul, Rafiki. Rafiki was found like many of our intakes... malnourished, but with a huge will to live. He somehow mustered up enough strength to outrun a pack of coyotes and cry for help until some good samaritans came to his rescue. Rafiki was our first rescued animal and he opened up the doors to the beautiful world of rescue.


Rafiki is the Swahili word for “friend” and our sweet boy became a friend to each and every rescued animal we brought in. A true mascot to our team, it was only fitting to name our rescue in honor of him.


Rafiki has seen us through many cases and we found the most dear to our hearts to be those that are “special needs.” Through rescue, we found our heart for the most undesirable, the most hopeless, the ones that so often get left behind. For these are the animals that have the most to give and the most beautiful love to offer this world. We know that they are worth every ounce of effort we will give them and honor Rafiki by giving their voice a chance to be heard.

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